In this episode of the Nashville Investors Podcast, Bill Allen of Blackjack Real Estate is in to talk about real estate wholesaling.

Bill reveals the history behind his business and gives an amazing amount of insight in to how wholesaling works, some tricks of the trade and what it looks like to develop a lasting business beyond just wholesaling!

Listen to learn how to build an effective email list, generate new leads in a new location, find out why marketing plays such a key role in the success of a wholesaling business and learn the best practices when working with a wholesaler.

If you’re interested in becoming or working with a real estate wholesaler, acquiring properties to flip, or simply buying and holding additional properties, this episode is a MUST listen for you.

Quotable moments from this episode:

“We have to use our negotiation skills and our marketing to find that distressed seller that needs to trade equity for ease of transaction”

“What I do is the same as what hundreds of people have done before me, I have never had an original thought in real estate, I don’t think, ever. I just try to take everything from what other people are doing and just be better at it, and run a better system and a better company.”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Podio – Customer Relationship Management Software

List Source – Build A Local Or National Marketing List

The Millionaire Next Door Thomas Stanley

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Gary Keller

The One Thing Gary Keller

The Compound Effect Darren Hardy

The E-Myth Michael Gerber

Traction Gino Wickman

House flipping HQ Podcast Justin Williams

Brian Buffini – podcast on mindset and success

Tony Robbins “DISC” Personality Test

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