Analyzing real estate deals can seem like a daunting task to the novice investor. Where do you begin and how do you know if the deal on your desk is worth an offer? This week on the Nashville Investors Podcast, official sponsor Jeff Ley is in to talk to the group about deal analysis. First, Jeff gives an overview of deal analysis including knowing your why, types of deals and the parts of a deal. Then, Jeff expertly breaks down deal analysis formulas like:

  • MAO – maximum allowable offer
  • 1% rule
  • Gross rent multiplier
  • And even more strategies and terms

After pausing for an in depth audience Q&A, Jeff unveils the importance of having the right mindset. Finally, Jeff wraps up with an illustration he calls the money tree plan for financial freedom.

This episode is for anyone who wants to better understand how to analyze real estate deals and get on the path toward financial freedom!


Quotable moments from this episode:

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t; either way you’re right.”

“I can’t overstate the importance of having a good property manager. If there was one factor in your deal that can make it or break it, it’s going to be your property management.”


Resources mentioned in this episode:



Folio Investing


Courthouse Retrieval System

IRA Innovations

Rent Perfect

Mr Landlord

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind

Think And Grow Rich

The Richest Man In Babylon


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