Do you ever find yourself wishing your team could read your mind and stop asking questions? Maybe you feel like you’re going non stop, but can’t actually accomplish your own tasks, constantly making making decisions for everyone else? Maybe you just want to take your FIRST EVER four week vacation.

This week on the Nashville Investors Podcast, Adrienne Dorison (CEO and co-founder of Run Like Clockwork) shares how you can effectively delegate and empower your team so that you can focus on the tasks only you can accomplish.

Throughout the episode Adrienne addresses multiple topics on effective leadership, decision making and best practices to “clockwork” your business such as:

  • The 4D Mix Framework
  • The importance of time tracking exercises
  • Creating fully autonomous teams and team members
  • Practical tips for effective delegation
  • And much more…

If you’ve ever wanted to be able to work on your business but constantly find yourself working IN your business; this episode is for you.

Quotable moments from this episode:

“Clockwork is all about preparing you for life events, so that your business can still run & grow without you.”

“If something doesn’t have a metric, how do we know it’s even valuable to the business? You might be continuing to do something because you think it’s adding value to the business… find a metric that shows it’s actually valuable.”


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Clockwork Mike Michalowicz 


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