This week on the Nashville Investors Podcast Mauricio Rauld joins us to talk about what he considers to be the best available asset class: mobile home parks.

Learn what advantages separate mobile home parks from traditional buy and hold single or multi-family properties and why you should consider adding mobile home parks to your portfolio.

Originally from Chile, Mauricio left an early career at an LA based law firm to work for renowned investors and educators “The Real Estate Guys”; a move that would prove to be life changing in multiple ways. Listen to hear more about Mauricio’s story and how he came to be an expert in mobile home park investing. From practical business organization tips to what makes a great mobile home park deal, this episode is a must listen for anyone interested in alternative asset classes.

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Quotable Moments From This Episode:

“What I do is help clients find other people’s money”

“Manufactured housing is one of the most recession resistant sectors of the housing and commercial real estate sectors and has consistently outperformed multi-family in same site NOI growth since 2000”

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Rich Dad Poor Dad Robert Kiyosaki

Due Diligence Checklist (email Mauricio)

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