In this episode of the Nashville Investors Podcast Glen Mather President of Nuview IRA stops by to talk about the power of self directed IRAs and how they can benefit investors of all kinds.

Listen close as Glen talks through several different ways self directed IRAs can be used for real estate investing, including one key difference: you can borrow money from within your self directed IRA. Glen also talks through the benefits of partnering with others and how to get the best deals when investing.

This episode is for anyone who is wanting to understand how to use self directed IRAs to fund investments.

Quotable moments from this episode:

“A true self directed ira is where you have all the choices that the IRS doesn’t prohibit… the IRS never lists what you can do, they list what you can’t do.”

“Even when I have enough money to do the deals myself in the IRA I partner, because what happens? I always get the best deals.”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

NuView Trust

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