Have you ever felt like you were stuck in a rut doing the same thing over again but expecting better results? Brandon Turner Co Host of the Bigger Pockets Podcast talks about the 4 habits of every successful real estate investor and, as a result, how to get out your same old patterns. Using data and research, Brandon unearths how destructive bad habits can be on accomplishing our goals. However, adopting good habits can have an exponentially positive impact. For instance, Brandon clues us in to some of those good habits like:

  • Saying no so you’re able to say yes
  • Working on lead measures instead of lag measures
  • The importance of accountability
  • Gratitude

It may surprise you how each of these come in to play for investors!

Lastly, Brandon dives in to goal setting, how to increase productivity and what it’s like for him to stay successful and efficient. If you have ever been stifled by any of these issues then you will certainly gain practical tips all while Brandon (sometimes whimsically) shares a wealth of habit forming knowledge.


Quotable moments from this episode:

“If you want better things in life, get better habits.”

“Every result you desire is preceded by a process needed to get the result” Hal Elrod


Resources mentioned in this episode:

The One Thing Gary Keller

The Four Disciplines of Execution Chris McChesney

The Miracle Morning Hal Elrod

The 12 Week Year Brian Moran

Tim Ferriss Podcast


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