This week on the Nashville Investors Podcast learn the art of exponentially increasing your sales and lead conversions from veteran salesman and consultant Jerremy Newsome. Jerremy dissects some of the old and new sales tactics, dives in to the human psyche of why a person may or may not buy and demonstrates a few key points to making the sale every time. The most important one may surprise you. He also talks through topics like:  

  • The 3 types of ‘yes’
  • A few words to stop saying and start saying
  • How to use mirroring to build rapport
  • How to build trust with your clients
  • And MUCH more

If you’re ready to transform your sales and lead conversions, listen close; this episode is for you!

Quotable moments from this episode:

“I would argue that effective sales is the number one skill set ANYONE can have.”

“One of the biggest things to remember: Everyone wants solutions but nobody wants to spend money. No one wants to be sold but everyone loves to buy.”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Money Grows on Trees Jerremy Newsome


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