In this episode of the Nashville Investors Podcast, Chris Picciurro co-founder of Integrated CPA Group is in to talk everything 2018 tax reform.

In this episode you’ll hear a high level overview of the major changes that took place in the biggest tax system change since 1986 and learn what changes will affect you the most: from personal all the way to the C Corp business level.

Chris expertly breaks down some of the more complicated changes and helps contrast the new rules with the old ones.

This episode is for anyone who is looking to save money on taxes and help maximize their income to meet financial goals.

Quotable moments from this episode:

“Don’t let the tax tail wag the dog. You need to do what you need to do. Even though (some) deductions have been taken away, 95% of our clients are still paying less tax.”

“Please understand that tax reform and tax law is really an arm of what our government wants you to do and actions they want you to take, be that investing in certain pieces of property. How they make and enforce the rules (are) just trying to get society in general to do certain things.”

Resources mentioned in this episode:

2017 vs 2018 Tax Brackets

Tax Reform Calculator

199A Deduction Calculator

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